4 Beardsley St Port Kennedy, WA 6172
08) 9524 6888

Our company was founded in  Perth in 1999  and we are a family-owned business, built on traditional values and pride in craftsmanship and quality. We are a 100 % Australian owned and operated signage manufacturing company with our headquarters based in Rockingham - Port Kennedy. Our qualified signwriters have a breadth of experience manufacturing, installing, and maintaining signs for local, and WA brands. We also employ full-time, qualified graphic designer to provide a specialised design service where necessary. 

Key Equipment
  • Industrial printers
  • CRM and job-tracking systems
  • Colour profiling systems CNC laser machinery CNC router machinery
  • Vinyl cutting machinery Metal fabrication
  • Comprehensive manufacturing facilities
Our full-service includes
  • Design & graphics services
  • Structural design
  • Fabrication
  • Manufacture
  • Project budget estimation
  • On-site installation 
  • In house manufacture of signage